Королевское Рождество под угрозой из-за внезапной болезни королевы
Elizabeth has cancelled his departure to Sandringham.

Queen Elizabeth and gercor Edinburgh


Photographers gathered at
London King’s Cross station to take pictures of the annual departure of the Queen in her estate Sandringham where
it traditionally celebrates Christmas with his family, was cruelly disappointed.
Just 30 minutes before the assigned time there was an official
the representative of Buckingham Palace, which announced that the Queen will not appear
since she and her husband Prince Philip suddenly fell seriously ill with the flu. About
this was announced by the publication people.com.

This turn of events was
a complete surprise, because just a couple of days ago Elizabeth took part
in a gala dinner at the Palace, where she began to celebrate Christmas with their
numerous relatives. But, apparently, it was at this dinner, someone from
guests and “awarded” accidentally 90-year-old Queen and her 95-year-old husband infection.
The representative of the court have expressed the hope that the wellbeing of Elizabeth and her spouse will improve
by Friday so that she could arrive at Sandringham at least
the day before Christmas. After all, by long tradition, the Queen arrives in
his estate in advance, to ensure that all preparations for the feast
go properly.

Of course, all hope that
health Elizabeth will recover soon. However, if you take into consideration Reverend
the age of the Queen and her husband, the disease may be delayed. Ironically,
earlier this year Philip, during his visit to one of the medical
research institutions of London, boasted talking to one of
specialists that “not had the flu for about forty years”! But now, he, apparently has faced
with a particularly aggressive virus…

If the Queen in no time
to recover, the celebration of Christmas for the first time in many years will be under
threat. However, and without sickness of Elizabeth, the preparation for the celebration took place not
as smooth as usual. First, Prince William and Duchess Catherine announced that
this year we are going to celebrate Christmas not Sandringham, and family Kate — Backvery.
Besides, it is still not known, whether intend to join the Royal
the celebration of Prince Harry. In fact, there are rumors that he wants to fly
Christmas in America — to his beloved
the girl Meghan Markle…