Rowling has promised five new films about the world of Harry Potter

Роулинг пообещала пять новых фильмов о мире Гарри Поттера

It is a pity that the main character of a favorite story they will be gone.

Everything to do with Harry Potter, it gives the world an unprecedented boom. Suffice it to recall the recent release of the book “Harry Potter and the cursed child”, which the British student has read in 59 minutes, and its sales surpassed even the acclaimed novel “50 shades of grey”.

Of course, it could not fail to notice the film company Warner Brothers, which is now engaged in the adaptation of another book about Harry Potter “Fantastic beasts and their habitats”. They had planned to prolong the pleasure. Now thought and thought and decided to divide the book as much as five parts.

This good news was announced by the author J. K. Rowling at the meeting with readers in Los Angeles.

“I can confirm that there will be five new films”, – quotes its words Reuters.

The writer once again so that it will not be a continuation of the story about the school of Hogwarts and friends with Harry Potter. The new film, like the book, will be a kind of magical guide for aspiring magicians.

However, in April this year, rumor has it that the film still shows some favorite characters. It is assumed that we are talking about the Director of the school of magic the Albus Dumbledore. But in a new picture of the Professor will be the elderly and the young.

But let’s not rush things, soon all will see themselves. Before the premiere left quite a bit. In Russia the film will be released on November 17.