Rovshan Askerov struck out Alexander’s Friends out of your life

Ровшан Аскеров вычеркнул Александра Друзя из своей жизни The expert made a scene on the set of intellectual program “What? Where? When?”. In the opinion of Rovshan Askerov, friends Alexander allowed himself a very incorrect thing to do. The man had long criticized the behavior of the opponent.
Ровшан Аскеров вычеркнул Александра Друзя из своей жизни

Rovshan Askerov was outraged by the events that occurred on the set of “What? Where? When?”. The expert and his colleagues did not count the correct answer from the hints from the audience. Leading Boris Hook noticed that Kim Ghalachyan, who was standing next to Askerov, nodded when I heard the version players.

Askerov and his colleagues argued that not seen as Ghalachyan allegedly prompted. So Boris Hook turned to Alexander Druz and Andrei Kozlov to help to deal with the situation. Experts noted that Rovshan should give rivals, headed by Elena Potanina. Then they won, and Askerov refused to shake the hand of the competitor.

Ровшан Аскеров вычеркнул Александра Друзя из своей жизни

Later wounded Rovshan negatively expressed in the address of his longtime opponent. According to Askerov, the decision of the Friends was influenced by a personal relationship to him.

“It is absolutely disgusting to do in this situation Alexander Abramovich [friends] that from this moment in General does not exist for me, neither as a man nor as a master. What he does is despicable. He made the decision, not as master, but as someone who doesn’t love me. So I never in my life had this man not ask for tips. What he had done, that meanness, baseness. For me it is not master, he’s nobody. Just this person does not exist. Now finally, he is a jerk,” said Rovshan.
Ровшан Аскеров вычеркнул Александра Друзя из своей жизни

Earlier Askerov and friends repeatedly engage in polemics. Fans of the popular programs know firsthand how emotional can be its members. For several decades the existence of occurred events. So, in 2016, friends Alexander quarreled with Rovshan Askerov after the first game of the spring series. The reason for the conflict between men was a question about tomatoes. Some of the patrons of the game decided that the team Askerov is to award one point, while others considered her answer is incorrect.

The Expert “What? Where? When?” accused another member of the club in infamy

Then friends made accusations against Askerov. According to Alexander, Rovshan “lost reputation in front of millions of viewers”. In turn, Asgarov recalled the case from the ‘ 90s, when his opponent allegedly changed his answer to get the point.

“Alexander druz fuck! Can say harder. I don’t care about the opinion of Master Alexander Abramovich Friends about my reputation. Because my opinion on his reputation is that he has no reputation at all”, commented Sara.