Rovshan Askerov outraged by the conduct of Alexander Druzja

Ровшан Аскеров возмущен поведением Александра Друзя
Rovshan Askerov recently could not hold back their emotions as a result of events that occurred on the program “What? Where? When?”.

Ровшан Аскеров возмущен поведением Александра Друзя

In one of the episodes of the programme team Rovshan credited a win because allegedly received tips from the audience. Alexander druz, who was asked to understand the situation, is not supported by a team of expert, with the result that they lost.

Ровшан Аскеров возмущен поведением Александра Друзя

“It is absolutely disgusting to do in this situation Alexander Abramovich [friends] that from this moment in General does not exist for me, neither as a man nor as a master. What he does is despicable. He made the decision, not as master, but as someone who doesn’t love me. So I never in my life had this man not ask for tips. What he had done, that meanness, baseness. For me it is not master, he’s nobody. Just this person does not exist. Now finally, he is a jerk,” – said Askerov.

Recall that earlier between Alexander Druz and Rovshan Askerov were often quarrel, they always had a complicated relationship.

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