Routine model: the girl DiCaprio is about training and diet

Будни модели: девушка Ди Каприо – о тренировках и диете

24-year-old Nina Agdal told how she manages to maintain the shape.

Thanks to his friendship with the most eligible bachelor of Hollywood Nina Adgal has become popular not only in secular circles but in the whole world. Now, watch for her life millions, and Instagram every hour adds new subscribers. We have to admit, she looks flawless: wasp waist, pumped abs and buttocks… What can I say, Leo is always distinguished by the exquisite taste for women. Recall, the same Gisele bündchen and Bar Refaeli…

But back to Andal. The model reveals that her perfect body is not good ginetika, and the result of hard work.

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Nina Adgal noted that he did not spare himself in the gym, but for the best effect working with a trainer. First they warm up in Cardinale then perform weight training and after the fight.

“I can’t regret that you ate that extra piece of pizza or drank a glass of wine, but always worry if you missed training,” admitted the model.

Special diets donâ DiCaprio does not stick. Eats what he wants, but in moderation. Just before shows and photo shoots, the girl has to follow the figure.

“If I have a lot of work, I try to compare the number of calories eaten with those burned in training. This issue is an important balance – it is impossible to go crazy on this topic,” – said Nina.

In addition, the celebrity is trying not to eat extra before going to the beach because he doesn’t want to look bad in pictures the paparazzi.

Speaking of paparazzi. Recently Nina was seen in the company of Leo DiCaprio in a diner Goldberg”s Bagels in the resort town of Montauk. See the photos HERE.

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