Rosie O’donnell apologized to Trump for “son.”

Рози О’Доннелл извинилась перед Трампами за «сына-аутиста»

A few days ago, comedienne Rosie O’donnell had allowed himself to mock the family of the newly elected U.S. President Donald trump. On Twitter, Rosie posted a video edited from several videos shot during the presidential race. Attention the video was focused on her youngest son trump – Barron. In particular, cited evidence that the boy artist. The flames were fanned herself Rosie, adding video to a rhetorical question, “Barron trump is autistic?”.

Family trump proved that they are ready to stand for her until recently, because Melania asked the lawyers to draw O’donnell to account for the fact that she is spreading rumours and speculation that may subsequently have a negative impact on the boy. For example, in school, he may be subject to harassment, etc.

In order to avoid court showdown, Rosie decided to bring the Trumps apologize. Again, still on his page in the social network she posted a message in which he repented for his action.

“I apologize to Melania trump. I was rude in his message. I apologize for the pain I might cause. Malice was not in it. I am truly sorry and repent,” — stated in the message.

It should say that Rosie most likely somewhat disingenuous in his apology, because throughout the election campaign, she has repeatedly stressed his dislike of the Republican party and its leader (Trump). Because of the reluctance to hurt someone’s feelings out of the question.