Rosie Huntington-Wiley celebrated baby-shower

Роузи Хантингтон-Уайли отпраздновала бэйби-шауэр

Yesterday, April 18, Rosie Huntington-Wiley and her fiance Jason Statham celebrated baby-shower, and this means that they will become parents from week to week. Edition JustJared reports that the holiday devoted to the future child, was held in Malibu, California.

Thirty years model looked stunning in her slinky dress in black. Paparazzi caught the expectant parents after the holiday, when they carried gift bags, cartons and boxes to your car. Apparently, the guests they had a lot, and now their kid has a large dowry.
Recall that the Hollywood actor and fashion model meet for more than seven years, but never formalized their relationship. Last year Jason took a sweetheart offer, but about the wedding speech does not go. Assume that Statham and Huntington-Wiley get married after the birth of first child.