Рози Хантингтон-Уайтли в арабском Harper’s Bazaar дает советы моделям

Arabian Harper’s Bazaar did a British supermodel and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley the heroine of your latest issue for her and created a gorgeous photo shoot. In an interview Rosie gave advice to young models, told about the education of his son, and much more.

Рози Хантингтон-Уайтли в арабском Harper’s Bazaar дает советы моделям

In June last year, 30-year-old gave birth to son Jack. For some time she focused on the baby, and now trying to get back to work, appearing at social events.
The model admitted that the inspiration for the education of his son podcherpnul from the book of Chimamanda Ngozi of Adichi called “We should all be feminists”. She believes that her child should grow up like she did — in equality. “I’ve seen the author’s speech seemed to me very inspiring. We are talking about the education of girls and boys with the same values, communication and respect. So they brought me and all the people I love. These values I cultivate. In life it is impossible to wear only one hat. Anyway, to me it is. I was lucky enough to succeed in work and still continue to enjoy it.” says Huntington.

The model itself is in childhood, felt the freedom now have not all children. “I’m really glad I grew up without social networks. The teenage years were wild and doing their own thing, not thinking about social media and the paparazzi. There was a time of freedom. Now everything is photographed, and I find it funny to see a ten-year girl, who knows how to pose.”

And the young models Rosie gives advice show character. “Do not go on the compromise! This is your career! Unfortunately, when women are, they find it difficult. When they have their own opinion, they are called difficult to work with. And when they are strong and show toughness, being labeled bitches. All this is disappointing. I know that men don’t understand it. If they show stiffness, they are considered good businessmen. There is a feeling that you can’t be feminine and tough at the same time. Perhaps this is sexist.”

Recall that her pregnancy the star has confirmed through social networks. On his page on Instagram girlfriend of Jason Statham posted a photo where she poses on the sand with a rounded tummy. In accompanying comments, Rosie wrote, “We are pleased to announce that Jason and waiting for funding! With love, Rosie!”

The actor and the model have been Dating for more than seven years. About their engagement they announced a year ago, but the wedding is not in a hurry. Many believe that the lovers will legalize their relationship after the birth of a child.