Роза Сябитова обанкротилась после развода Star disappointed in men. That’s why rose Sabitova not eager to sign with a new one. According to the presenter, too expensive, cost her separation from second husband.
Роза Сябитова обанкротилась после развода

Known matchmaker rose Sabitova considers himself independent and self-sufficient woman. She was able to raise two children: a daughter Kseniya and son Denis. Leading “let’s get married” thinks they got a good education and can get in life. Sabitova raised them without a father.

“I became the head of the clan Sabitovich. My husband died in the 90s, I have raised children alone, without the help of relatives. So I took on the responsibility, so to speak, sort of. I made his name famous through his profession. Children are proud of me — it means that they respect me, listen to my opinion”, — said rose.

Sabitova used by itself to solve difficulties. It does not seek to meet with the elect, with whom the relationship will become public. Rose was married twice, but marriage with the second husband Yuri Andreyev much mowing her faith in men. They met on the program “let’s get married!”, but lived together for only three years. Now the presenter is not seeking to tie the knot.

“My ex-husband I this stamp is already set. And then so much money invested in a divorce. All my accounts had to quickly close off the former, so as not to divide the property,” said rose.

About your man Rinat Sabitova is trying to spread, because he feared that he would PR on her behalf. The presenter even warned him: to say anything about the affair to reporters.

“Rinat I knew before the beginning of our relationship two years. I had a project in Cyprus, where we met him. It was a nodding acquaintance. When he saw the program, call me so we started to chat. Their main condition I mentioned before, you don’t appear in the press with a story about our relationship. He agreed. Rinat — my last Swan song. Well, why show it to me, to attract the attention? He is my age, Tatar, pleased that aging will with it. Lives and conducts business in Cyprus. Missed you — flew to him. We have guest relations”, — said rose in an interview with “TV Program”.

At the moment Sabitova thinking about a quiet painting with Rinat in Cyprus and wants to buy there own place. The star follows the rule: do not share property with their husbands.