Rose Sabitova was barely able to sustain flight in economy class

Роза Сябитова с трудом смогла выдержать полет в эконом-классе
Teleshko country rose Sabitova trying to be as honest with my fans.

Роза Сябитова с трудом смогла выдержать полет в эконом-классе

Recently, the same presenter had to fly economy class and the flight left from her horrible experience. Rose explained what is so horrible happened to her.

Роза Сябитова с трудом смогла выдержать полет в эконом-классе

“For a number of reasons had to fly coach. Not a problem to wait 2 hours — no question. But! First, we could not register in advance place. It turned out that the Company registers Nordwinb Airlines passengers at the computer, i.e. He chooses who sits where. On the counter I find out that if you want (and I want) to fly comfortably, for example, in areas 1A or 1F, you pay 1.150 rubles. Paid. Went to the bar where all the staff were free (I’m in the airport in advance, at least 3-4 hours) me 20 minutes could not print my boarding pass. Girl recorder was running from computer to computer, trying to do it, and the employee resembled sloths cartoon Zeropolis.

But it was not the end. When the last one fell out of hibernation, suddenly decided that my bag does not fit carry-on (100 times with she went). Not to scream, I bit my tongue so that the eyes bulged. My first thought was not to fly. If it’s a signal that something is going to happen? Breathed moment, I decided that this stupid staff, airport, Company, and easy divorce for money. In the end, I paid another 3.000, already Luggage-bags, and passed the gate. In any case, I will keep you informed, as I flew! Lord, save and protect! Easy I takeoff, and soft landing,” he complained Sabitova.

The last time rose tries to live comfortably, it gets rid of the excess weight with the help of expensive procedures that only goes to a prestigious beauty salons.

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