Роза Сябитова отважилась на интимную пластику The presenter is preparing for family life. Rose Sabitova regularly travels to Cyprus, where her choice}. The man is very serious towards the second half, so the lovers plan to get married.
Роза Сябитова отважилась на интимную пластику

56-year-old rose Sabitova does not hide that love. When the presenter is close to his elect Renat, she literally glows with happiness. Beloved celebrities of her age, he lives in Cyprus, where he met future bride. Apparently, Rose and Renata all so seriously that they are going to legalize the relationship. About when it will happen, not yet reported.

In a recent interview rose said that the wedding will take place. Teleshko already begun preparations for this important event. Sabitova plans to make a gift to the elect.

“I was going to marry. He, like me, a Tartar, but lives in Cyprus, engaged in real estate. Wealthy, independent. Want to do intimate plastic to please him on their wedding night,” shared the TV star reporters.
Роза Сябитова отважилась на интимную пластику

It should be noted that Sabitova not for the first time decided on plastic. The celebrity admits that resorted to the services of surgeons. In total, according to Rose, she went through eight operations. Telezhka was told that the appeal to professionals it pushed not only the desire to be young and beautiful. Three years ago, when Sabitova lost 20 kg, the intervention of experts was inevitable.

“It is understandable that lose weight, it means that the Breasts droop. I lost 20 pounds and did a full tuning eight surgeries after weight loss. Do you think that I, as Anastasia Volochkova, says: “I had a Busty grandma?” No, guys, miracles do not happen”, said star Maria Shukshina in the program “on a visit in the morning.”

Thinner Sabitova is not shy to show her figure in social networks. Chosen Roses do not mind that she can put the bathing suit. The groom talasahi always tries to support her and not condemn. “And why should he not? I have so much money invested in my body, so much suffering endured on the path to perfection, that he should be proud of me,” says the woman.

According to Sabitova, she set the chosen stringent conditions. Rose Renata forbidden to give interviews about their relationship. The star does not want the elect earned her money and has attracted the attention of, transfer “Days.ru”.

Previously, rose Sabitova told “StarHit” why not in a hurry with a stamp in the passport. Teleshko scared the hassle associated with changing marital status. “I’ll have to get a prenup, get a lawyer, and this extra spending. I’m on the triumph of the daughter Ksenia in 2015 had spent so much – still holes in the budget is not fixed,” explained Sabitova. Ksenia Sabitova first told about the divorce