Rose Sabitova told about the rules of communication with men

Роза Сябитова рассказала о правилах общения с мужчинами
The presenter shared the secrets of smart women.

Rose Sabitova

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

The other day Roses Sabitova
the presentation of a new book called “the Secrets smart women”.
The presenter promised to reveal to readers the long-awaited for many a secret, how to become
beloved for his “the one”.

This time rose decided
to focus on practical advice for women looking for happiness in his personal life.
On the cover of flaunt books promising headlines — “17 rules for men,
who must know any woman”, “10 lessons good female behavior and
“20 the current recommendations”. A
fans are keenly interested in a new portion of secrets from the main matchmaker of the country of the country.

For Sabitova this far
not the first book — the TV presenter has already written seven more collections
tips. The presenter shares with the readers his point of view about what
must be the perfect family. By the way, my daughter Ksenia, rose instills such
same Outlook on life. For example, some time ago Sabitova admitted that
Xenia teaches to forgive her husband’s infidelity.

In addition to writing books and
working in television, rose has been working hard also on the show “Without a net”.
The TV presenter already managed to reach the semifinals. By the way, thanks to the participation in
the program, Sabitova managed to lose about seven pounds.

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