Роза Сябитова задумалась о пенсии A television presenter gives advice on what to do to in his later years to be happy. Rose Sabitova believes that its parent task – to arrange the fate of children in the subsequent to maintain good relations with matchmakers.

      Rose Sabitova was married twice. Main matchmaker of the country, knows firsthand how important it is to make the right choice chosen. During first marriage at the leading born two children – Denis and Ksenia. The heirs the stars had already risen and are at that age when it’s time to decide with your personal life. Daughter Xenia in August last year, is already married, her wedding was organized by the rose. And son Denis had not yet tied the knot, although he has a fiancee.

      Sabitova admits that thinking about retirement from the first day of their work. She dreams of growing old in prosperity, and surrounded by his family. The star understands that its own future prosperity depends on the well-being of her children.

      “I was famous to make and give children a good education. But I know that I have to help them create a family. Depends on a peaceful old age. On pensions, I think of the receipt of the first paycheck. I want to remind parents: if you throw children, not help them to have a personal life, then don’t complain when they put you in a nursing home give. If you want old age to sit at the table in the family estate surrounded by numerous relatives, think about it in advance,” says Sabitova.

      Recall, his son Denis rose was invited as the character in the program “Let’s get married!”. However, the young man never found love with the show. But for the most Sabitova one of the issues was crucial. Thanks to the program she remarried. The chosen star was one of the participants of the program “let’s get married!” Yuriy Andreev, the family which did not happen due to frequent quarrels and scandals. As for the heir, then the presenter is in no hurry to arrange his personal life. She thinks all the time.

      Rose Sabitova afraid to leave their children without an inheritance

      “Find the son of the bride need to 30 years. Daughter-in-law will love, teach her many skills to pass on to son’s in good hands. With matchmakers should be friends, then together will help children to richer Nuances a lot,” emphasizes rose in an interview with “TV”.

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