Rose Sabitova talking about the wedding with new lover

Роза Сябитова заговорила о свадьбе с новым избранником Teleshko admitted that her heart is occupied. As it turned out, rose Sabitova regularly travels to Cyprus, where her beloved. Choice of celebrities willing to carry her in his arms. According to Sabitova, she has already received an offer of marriage.

After the rose Sabitova broke up with Yuri Andreev in 2011, she asserted that she was not going to marry again. Over a long period of time teleshko said it has no plans to spend their hand at novels. But now the 55-year-old rose, it seems, has finally met a man who managed to win her heart. In a recent interview, the celebrity talked about the chosen one.

According to rose, her beloved Rinat configured very seriously. A man proposed to his other half. Speaking about the new chosen one, Sabitova chose not to call his name. According to star TV, he deliberately refrained from publicity and has no plans to share details of his personal life with reporters.

“Married, apparently, will be released this year. I have received an offer of marriage. The main condition which was put to my companion: I do not show it. He show business has no relation. If he wants to be near me, nobody should not know. He accepted this condition, – said teleshko. – Not yet fully decided whether I will put a stamp in the passport. At my age it is better to choose guest marriage.”

In recognition of Rose, she would not want to repeat the experience. The TV star claimed former spouse Yury Andreev raised her hand. At the same time, the former husband of TV presenter, on the contrary, accuses her of lying. According to him, rose picked up the scandal with the beating, to attract the attention of the public.

The ex-spouse of Rose Syabitova told about the true causes of divorce

Current choice Sabitova lives in Cyprus. The celebrity shared that distance does not play her any role. According to Rose, the happiness has no boundaries. Moreover, to fly to the beloved four hours.

“I planned in some time to buy a property abroad. Now not going to buy anything – she is my lover. In the relations I have created good conditions for happiness, joy and pleasure. I worked, bored, wanted to relax, got on a plane and flew,” said Sabitova.

Rose added that at her age need other relationship rules. The star said that can not give birth to heirs. Apparently, to the suitor Rose this question is not crucial – he has adult children from a previous relationship. Sabitova calmly accepted this fact. A woman says she has no plans to intervene in the life of Rinat. “We think only about the grandchildren!”– quoted celebrity