Rose Sabitova spent a holiday in the operating

Роза Сябитова провела праздник в операционной
TV presenter worried about the health of your beloved pet.

Роза Сябитова провела праздник в операционной

Rose Sabitova

Photo: @syabitova_roza Instagram

Rose Sabitova spent last holiday at a veterinary clinic. Teleshko told that her beloved dog, who has for many years been a member of her family suffered before the operation. Pet Sabitova received a deep wound which required stitches.

Dog Rose Sabitova

Photo: @Instagram syabitova_roza Roses Sabitova

“Archibald lived up to his knightly name. Had to abandon General anesthesia because I would not have been able to move 80 kg of dog carotid weight to the car. Decided on local anesthesia. Archie endured the operation, and never flinched. Although I understand holding him and looking into his eyes that he was very hurt. The operation was successful. Archie, after a short rest, on their three legs to get to his car. Now all is well…” said rose.

Some time ago rose herself was on the operating table, however, on their own. Sabitova decided on intimate plastic. This step pushed her impending wedding with a Cypriot businessman Renat.