Rose Sabitova said when she gets married

Роза Сябитова рассказала, когда выйдет замуж The TV presenter is planning the celebration. Rose Sabitova want to change your life in the near future. The chosen star was a 56-year-old Renat, however, with details of the upcoming holiday, they have not yet decided.
Роза Сябитова рассказала, когда выйдет замуж

Rose Sabitova is preparing for radical changes. Over the next four months she wants to have time to get married, but also to put in order their appearance. Leading “let’s get married!” told about the plans in the microblog.

“1. To build the ancestral home (my dowry). 2. Rejuvenate yourself (as possible). 3. To play their wedding. On the construction of the house will tell in detail all summer, and rejuvenation takes time and a good hospital,” wrote the star.

Recall that the last time rose decided to postpone the wedding. We presenter affair with the 56-year-old businessman Renat. However, they are not in a hurry to legalize the relationship. Besides, they live in two countries. “We Renat consulted and came to the conclusion that the us stamps in the passport is not needed, because you will have to get a prenup, get a lawyer, and this extra spending. I’m on the triumph of the daughter Ksenia in 2015 had spent so much – still holes in the budget is not patched. So we will practice the guest marriage”, – said earlier the rose.

The house, which is located in the suburbs, Sabitova trying to Refine for a long time. The site was purchased in 2016 year. Renat helps her in this business, as he works for a construction company. On twenty acres she wants to fit not only the houses, but the area for cars, mini-Golf. Besides, this territory will be a special house for her colleagues, Larisa Guzeeva.

“It is now insulated. Around planted lilac bushes in the spring they will blossom: this fragrance – the warm childhood memory. Plot no garden. No beds, not stand on the spirit! I don’t understand why to bury a sack of potatoes, then to dig just a bucket. Thus it is necessary to fight Colorado potato beetles, to stand by the letter “SIC” with a sore back in the dusty earth,” shared rose.

Earlier also there were information that in addition to cosmetic procedures Sabitova plans to conduct a special operation. She decided on intimate plastic to please the chosen one in the first wedding night. Other women, she gives advice. “Pills for a happy family life are called cutlets home. Fed after dinner her husband lay down on the sofa, the mistress of it to anything. If a man is full, he is not a tramp,” wrote rose in one of the posts.