Rose Sabitova pining for the deceased husband

Роза Сябитова тоскует по умершему мужу The presenter explained why she doesn’t need a companion in life. Sabitova decided not to look for a new suitor, as not willing to give him all the time. Moreover, she still misses her deceased spouse.

      Leading the project “let’s get married” rose Sabitova actively engaged in the construction of the house, where she plans to live with family. Children will be given one part of a country mansion, and near it erected a gazebo warm. Also on site is a particular cottage, which the star TV called “house Larisa Guzeeva”.

      According to Sabitova, New year she’ll be in the company of his family, and then they leave. “I’ll stay for all public holidays in your corner of Paradise with the cat Basil, and a dog Ferrie. I want to be alone and quiet,” said rose. The woman did not bother, that nobody will brighten her holiday.

      The presenter repeatedly stated that they are not ready to spend a lot of energy to man, since it is much more important than work, children and comfort. Besides, rose can’t forget his first wife. He died of a heart attack in 1993, and she was left alone with two children.

      “Now sacrifice the relationship with a man. If he was alive my husband we would grow old together” – sorry Sabitova.

      Sabitova was disappointed in the institution of marriage. Second husband of star Yuri got a dishonest man admitted rose, raised her hand.

      “When it becomes bitterly alone, I analyze the pros and cons of living with a man and understand – no. The sadness will pass – I’ll call a friend or go to the gym, and then will switch to something else” – analyzes the situation the main matchmaker of the country.

      According to Rose, she is already the sixth decade, and it sees itself in the role of a mother in law or grandmother is much more than the role of wife. “Men no longer appear on my horizon. I analyzed the situation and realized why. I became very dear woman. And men began to understand that a woman will have to spend a lot of effort and money,” Sabitova said in an interview with “TV Program”.