Rose Sabitova married to the foreman

Роза Сябитова сыграет свадьбу с прорабом
TV presenter decided on the choice of her future husband.

Rose Sabitova

Photo: @Instagram syabitova_roza Roses Sabitova

Rose Sabitova became the heroine of the program “a Perfect repair”, during the filming of which openly spoke about his personal life. Teleshko admitted she’s looking for a husband a real “man”. He should be able to do something with their hands, and to cope with all the everyday problems.

Ideally, for the recognition of Rose, her future spouse should be the owner of a construction company or architect. She recently got a cottage that requires the participation of a representative of the stronger sex. Sabitova plans to build on a plot of several buildings, to establish the sewer… For all this she needs men anyway associated with construction. Leading a “Perfect repair” suggested that rose is looking for a superintendent, and she accepted it.

“Now we need to build a house, sewer dig… a Man has to control everything, I don’t understand!” — said rose.

Recall that Sabitova was married twice. The first husband of TV star Michael died of a heart attack. Her second husband was Yuri Andreev. In 2011, the couple there was a loud divorce. By the way, the marriage of a daughter of Roses — Xenia, as it became known, also collapsed.