Rose Sabitova made eight transactions

Роза Сябитова сделала восемь операций The matchmaker does not shy plastics. After rose was lost for three months, 20 pounds, surgery was inevitable. She told Maria Shukshina in her author’s program “on a visit in the morning.
Роза Сябитова сделала восемь операций

The most famous matchmaker of the country, host of “let’s get married” on the First channel rose Sabitova was always distinguished by frankness. She did not hide from the public nor of his severe childhood – talked about how abused alcohol, her mother, nor his failed relationships, no great loss – the matchmaker was left a widow with two children and she had to fight for its place under the sun.

It is therefore not surprising that the rose is easy and simple admits: Yes, I did plastic surgery. In total, according to Sabitova, she underwent eight operations. And not only because I wanted to stay young and beautiful. One of the reasons she went under the surgeon’s knife, have undergone a dramatic weight loss. Three years ago Sabitova three months lost 20 kilograms of excess weight. On this she spoke in the program Sushkini Mary “to visit In the morning”.

Роза Сябитова сделала восемь операций“When I was invited to participate in the program, I immediately said – and then surgery. It is understandable that lose weight, it means that the Breasts droop. I lost 20 pounds and did a full tuning eight surgeries after weight loss. Do you think that I, as Anastasia Volochkova, says: “I had a Busty grandma?”No, guys, miracles do not happen,” said rose Sabitova.

The question Shukshina – do not be scared if you couldn’t recognize yourself after plastic surgery, rose waved. “We’re all in Russian make. Who does not risk, does not drink champagne”.

By the way, Sabitova complicated relationship with alcohol. Her mother was abused and, according to Rose, just saw. She at one time was thought to be saved by alcohol, but helped her son Denis. It happened after the death of her first husband, rose was left a widow, one with two small children on the street. It tells the matchmaker, mother-in-law chased her away and rose had to return home to a drunken mother.

“I just dropped his hands. And mom next to drunk lies. I found her port. Think: can, drink can, so it will be easier? He comes out and says, “Mom, don’t.” Me like cold water poured over. I woke up this morning senoi-warrior”, – said rose.

Sabitova has achieved a lot, made a career, earned money, now settles vacation home. She builds the nest. “Two years ago, the idea of formation of tradition. And what is tradition? This is a habit inherited from generation to generation. Everything must be done to teach children to suburban life. Now there is this one house that I invest in that system.”

Children Sabitova Denis and Kseniya while alone. But teleshko sure that their life goes well. She said she is ready to accept any son-in-law and daughter-in-law, but with a condition: “I at all son-in-law any daughter-in-law will adapt, but it is necessary that I, too, was good. Therefore, we will choose together – with an eye on the family,” rose said.