Rose Sabitova learned the shocking truth about loved ones

Роза Сябитова узнала шокирующую правду о близких The most popular matchmaker on Russian television became the heroine of the edition of the program “Health” with Elena Malysheva. Leading along with the star found out where originated the roots of women’s family on the maternal side. The study showed that virtually all relatives Sabitova lived in Europe. This fact greatly puzzled by a celebrity, because she always considered themselves Tatar blood.

      Роза Сябитова узнала шокирующую правду о близких

      Rose Sabitova decided to do genetic testing to get as much information as possible about yourself and family. In the course of the research leading project “Health” Elena Malysheva told the woman, according to the information available, the specialists were able to identify the pedigree matchmaker only through the maternal line. In order to understand, as was the case on the father, brother Sabitova must pass the required tests. The results of the experiment shocked Rose. She learned that her relatives many centuries ago, migrated to Europe and almost never immigrated from there.

      Rose Sabitova in settling family estate

      Malyshev said that the celebrity family lived in France, Spain, UK, Norway and other countries. Sabitova could not believe it because she always belong to the Tatars, and thought that relatives lived in the East. She admitted she was proud of his Asian blood had no idea what she might have Western roots.

      “It’s amazing, and I have a different thought. But my grandfather really was not born in Tatarstan, he was in the military, so it may even be that there is a connection with Europe. I’m in France and Spain were, but Yes, I’m surprised. Relatives from Kazan say? It is necessary as-that to rehabilitate the people,” said Sabitova in the course of the program.
      Роза Сябитова узнала шокирующую правду о близких

      Rose Sabitova did not hide that she was very surprised by the results of the study, therefore, sought to justify himself in front of folks from Tatarstan. However, Malyshev strongly recommend her to bring to the center brother for experts on his Y-chromosome to trace the history of the lives of their families on the paternal side. Making final conclusions regarding the genetic geography of the famous matchmaker, the leading announced that it has taken nearly 70 percent of European blood, and Asian roots are present only to a minor degree.

      “In you flows the blood of the European. And if there is something in you from Asia, only ten percent of the maternal line”, said Malyshev.
      Роза Сябитова узнала шокирующую правду о близких

      After reviewing the results of the study, Sabitova tried to laugh it off, saying that a distant relative would ever be captured. She imagined if she kept concubines somewhere in the middle East. “I’ll come up with some interesting story for my grandchildren. I need to redeem myself after the program”, – with irony said rose.

      By the way, this fact became not only one of which managed to tell a celebrity. Invited guest of the program was Professor from USA Sancho Baranov. She handed the star of the book, which contains all the data on its genetic analysis. Specilist told that women have a predisposition to fatness. It combines an amazing ability to engage in various sports, what is noticed is not many people. Baranov also said that the results of the DNA test Sabitova testify to her good health and longevity.