Роза Сябитова посмеялась над бюстом Анастасии Волочковой
Teleshko gave a caustic review on the figure of a ballerina.

Rose Sabitova

Photo: @Instagram syabitova_roza Roses Sabitova

Rose Sabitova belongs to the category men, do not hesitate to talk about plastic surgery done. While some youthful stars insist on “the merit of the mother’s genes”, others honestly share how they worked the surgeon. Good or bad hard to say: perhaps something from the life of public people should remain “behind the scenes”? Sabitova disagree. She openly talks about her transformation, along the way, ridiculing their colleagues.

On the set of “to visit In the morning” rose said that 56 years underwent eight operations. It all started with the fact that she decided to lose 20 pounds. “When I was invited to participate in the program, I immediately said – and then surgery. It is understandable that lose weight, it means that the Breasts droop. I lost 20 pounds and did a full tuning eight surgeries after weight loss!”Sabitova said.

In conversation with Maria Shukshina, leading the Sunday program, rose admitted that even is not as if lying to others about “done” Breasts. After all saw Sabitova looked to operations and deception would still be disclosed. “You think I like Anastasia Volochkova, says: “I had a Busty grandma?”No, guys, miracles do not happen,” he laughed colleague rose.

We will remind that recently it became known that Sabitova preparing for the wedding. Groom TV presenter became a mysterious Cypriot businessman Rinat. The celebration, according to the matchmaker, will take place this year.