Роза Сябитова: «Меня убьет болезнь Альцгеймера» The main teleshko country rose Sabitova used to ask awkward questions. But for the “StarHit” rose Sabitova has agreed to answer them.
Роза Сябитова: «Меня убьет болезнь Альцгеймера»

  • EVEN WHEN I’m 80, I… will not sit on the priest exactly. That’s why you’ll never retire. Will stop working when I die. And his death will make a PR campaign that he earned. But I hope it will happen soon… But from what you already know. Vasilisa Volodina predicted that he would kill me Alzheimer’s. And so scared that I am now exercising your brain daily: read a lot, teach poetry… started to drink medicines, to charge, moved out of the city, breathe fresh air.
  • I’m STILL NOT MARRIED BECAUSE… are in a civil marriage. But in September, we probably Rinat will legalize our relationship.
  • In RINAT’s nothing I LOVE MORE… masculine. Not like the fact that he is aging. Would like to see longer performed sexual function.
  • The MOST MEMORABLE GIFT THAT GAVE RINAT, – … I agreed to be there. With the years, we realized to live with me hard. Rinat suffers. Although not complain about lack of attention from the stronger sex. I’m an erotic fantasy persons of Caucasian nationality, and bandits. They’re in social networks write…

Most SPEND MONEY ON… construction of his family home. Will soon launch a program for YouTube that women saw to build a house myself, without a man, really. And talk like us at every step trying to cheat. You get a horror movie like “the Addams Family”, only instead of them – Syabitova.
Роза Сябитова: «Меня убьет болезнь Альцгеймера»

  • WHEN the INHABITANTS of the VILLAGE, WHERE I BUILT a PRIVATE HOUSE, found OUT THAT a number of THEM BOUGHT LAND LEADING the “FIRST CHANNEL”, THEY’re… happy. Decided that now is a village of premium class and raised the price for a hundred. Joke that now sell not just the land, and the plots next to the Rose Sabitova. Them from the neighborhood with me some advantages. In the winter, for example, piled snow, and I TV crews to film invited. Called the management company and was immediately sent out two tractors that cleared all the streets.
  • WHEN you COME TO HIS ESTATE… walk with dogs – a Labrador and a shitzu Archibald Terry. Caring for the star garden, which is planted colleagues. I have dis – there are trees from Ivan Urgant, Dima Dibrov, Larisa Guzeeva… But with lawn decided not to bother, migrant workers me fifteen hundred rubles all dug up. Potatoes are not planted too, although friends insist to take up farming. No, the answer, thank you – my estate to rest, do not want to work hard.

ON TV they WATCH MOST… psychological detective stories and disney cartoons.

  • With COLLEAGUES, LARISA GUZEEVA AND VASILISA VOLODYA, … do not occur outside of the Studio, because I chose Larissa. It was her claim – not to make friends. It is the first survey said that too much time together we spend, after exiting the frame, let’s not forget about the existence of each other. This allows us almost 10 years of working together never had a fight. Don’t want to be the women’s project of the “Domino Principle”, which collapsed due to the fact that the leading quarrel among themselves.
  • WHEN stuck IN traffic AND I KNOW the PEOPLE IN the NEIGHBORING CARS, THEY… smile. Can I have your autograph, but this rarely happens. But the traffic cops when you brake, I like to chat to ask. Once broke the rules and had two hours to give the inspector counseling about the relationship with his wife, to invite to “let’s get married!”, if only the rights were taken away.
  • DAUGHTER OFTEN ASKS me TO… worked less. She is part-time and my boss, and when you call her with a new idea of some kind of project, says: “Calm down, better little book read”. Brings yarn for knitting, wants mom in the chair he sat, brains turned off.

MARRIAGE of KSENIA gone, IF SHE… was the daughter of the stars. Due to the high expectations of the former son-in-law blown away.

  • Don’T WANT SON… married a woman that have been together for nine years because she’s significantly older and won’t be able to give me grandchildren. Denis good capital: an apartment, two cars, he would inherit half – well, the estate is ready catch. I hope his wife will be a young girl, and they give birth to no less than three heirs. The nursery for them and kids of Ksenia I’m almost finished.
  • In YOUR BODY I LIKE the least… old double chin. Well, today to get rid of it is not required surgical intervention. It is enough just to do liposuction, and that I have this summer in “the academic Clinic of cosmetology”, the owner of which, Lyudmila Moiseyeva, we’ve been friends… And in June we plan another intimate plastic, in the first wedding night to please Rinat. So getting ready for the wedding.