Роза Сябитова нашла новый способ "срубить денег"
A couple of years ago leading the First channel rose Sabitova got a boob job and younger by 20 years. Now she doesn’t stop flurry of activity for building up their own financial well-being.

Роза Сябитова нашла новый способ "срубить денег"

We will remind, initially the rose became known as the matchmaker who can find a date any loser. Now she advertises fitness rooms, restaurants, has its own showrooms. And is now preparing to open her own beauty salon:

“While my own Beauty salon to build the Family Nest, come to your favorite salon Blossom @salonblossom Soon shooting!”

– wrote Sabitova in Instagram.

Fans congratulated Rose and asked him not to do prices in the cabin is barbaric, that there could come “any mortal”.