Rose Sabitova harshly criticized for calling photo

Розу Сябитову жестко раскритиковали за вызывающее фото TV presenter starred in a very bold pose. Rose Sabitova has provoked debate about the propriety of its publication in the microblog. Some fans argue that a bold-known matchmaker was their discovery. Others believe that this presentation is not to face a grown woman.
Розу Сябитову жестко раскритиковали за вызывающее фото

One of the leading the popular program “let’s get married!” Rose Sabitova closely monitoring their image matchmaker. Star, in February of this year celebrated its 55th anniversary, always looks stylish and strictly emphasized and almost never allows frivolity. Except for the rare exception, as was her recent post in the microblog.

Rose Sabitova, which often says in Instagram on gender relations and instructs women wishing to find a life partner, this time accompanied post a very hot picture.

And though it Rose Sabitova only bare hands, his erotic background is obvious. Sex and sensuality a photo gives a face and a position in which the star stood on it.

“Many girls and women dream of marrying an accomplished and wealthy man, then she will not need to work. But all you have to pay! Not in the sense of “to pay”. Just every life has a downside, and in this life it is that the woman becomes “a free application to my husband.” Happiness or punishment to be “a free app to her husband”?” – this text was accompanied by the matchmaker.

However, rather than discuss a given topic or to ask rose questions, members began to discuss the. He, by the way, archive. Under the post Sabitova crossed swords defenders of morality and those who do not see anything wrong with a grown woman showed her sexuality. “Rose, as a psychologist I can say – this supply the audience you will attract a decent independent women”, “rose, it’s not your way. Next to Larissa and Vasilisa, listen to their advice. Ladies with a great sense of humor and taste, the Photo is terrible, we need to hide and not to show anyone”, “What position?” – do not hesitate to Express rose Sabitova fans to criticize everything.

However, defenders have teledive was not less than willing to attack. “Rose, cool image! Direct to me, unusual photo, but you are such a pose!”, “Here I see that sexy Rose! Right vibes and go!”, “Class! The rose in this sultry young lady, not yet tainted secular life and other life’s temptations”, “well Done rose, you can’t be a teacher in glasses”, – spoke in support of Sabitova her loyal fans.

It is worth Recalling that not so long ago in the Network began to spread information about the closure of the program “let’s get married!” along with several other projects-the centenarians of the First channel. Discussing the revolution on the First channel

However, the broadcaster have denied these reports. So in the new season viewers will see their transmission and their leaders, including Rose Sabitova.