Rose Sabitova explained why not married

Роза Сябитова объяснила, почему не замужем The main matchmaker of the country does not suffer from loneliness. Rose Sabitova believes that it is fully realized as a woman and a man in its system of values is given only in fifth place after a career, children, grandchildren and comfort. “Women looking for men to brighten up the loneliness, but I don’t need it,” says rose Sabitova.

      Роза Сябитова объяснила, почему не замужем

      One of the co-host of the popular program “let’s get married!” Rose Sabitova, together with their children, son Dennis and daughter Ksenia, was the guest of another no less popular project of the First channel “on Sundays”. Conversation in the Studio was very emotional and interesting because it was about a family in which the children are educated in the spirit of respect for traditions and respect for the aged.

      Rose Sabitova in the air came not with empty hands, and with homemade treats, as dictated by the Tatar traditions. And customs of his people, as we know, the presenter is trying to maintain. “Aerobatics for our Housewives is when they know what their guests prefer tea”, devoted to national traditions rose Sabitova.

      The conversation in the Studio was about the family of the presenter, her children and the status that she have already found – mother-in-law. Host of the “on Sundays” Irina Muromtsev could not fail to touch upon the topic of female loneliness. As is known, the main matchmaker of the country, helping people to find family happiness, she is not married. “Rose, you are alone. Why?” – asked his guest Irina Muromtseva.

      “And I’m not alone. I realized as a woman, I’m a mom, mother-in-law, mother-in-law will then become a grandmother, ‘ answered the rose Sabitova. – It’s not my fault that my husband died early and I had to stand at the head of the family. Sexual topic no longer attracts me, and now the man in my system of values are relegated to fifth place – after careers, children, grandchildren and comfort.

      Роза Сябитова объяснила, почему не замужем

      Rose Sabitova also added that she loves that time of day when she is all alone and nobody bothers. Typically, this happens early in the morning and late in the evening. “Women looking for men to brighten up the loneliness, but I don’t need it. I’m different, I like being alone, ” continues rose Sabitova. I’m enjoying myself, and truly I rest when left alone. Love to go to the fitness club, swim in the pool, SIP a cocktail”.

      As it turned out, married the father of their children rose Sabitova came out without much love. The feeling came much later. So to all the young girls main matchmaker advises that if there is a choice between the man you love and who loves you, it is necessary to choose the second. “We women are made for love, – voiced his thought rose Sabitova. – But if we are treated with a soul, attention, care. You think, don’t like? Yes, even as love! After all, I fell in love with her husband. The only thing I didn’t get enough love – not enough time”.

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