Роза Сябитова решилась на очередную «пластику» и рассказала о своем месячном заработке

The first country matchmaker rose Sabitova continues to improve itself. The woman decided on another procedure that needs to return to her youth and beauty.

Itself the star of the show “let’s get married” is not shy about the fact that her appearance on the moment, not the merit of nature, and the merit of the masters, such as plastic surgeons and cosmetologists.

That’s what she Sabitova said about the use of additional methods of rejuvenation: “For public people — sure rose is OK to do so that the person remains fit and attractive. Also, I’m curious to try the latest techniques on myself to say to be a pioneer in the field of beauty. I fully rely on the choice of his doctor-cosmetologist Olga, which have been working for a long time. She, by the way, speaking the name frost. So I often joke that the cold has frozen my youth.”

By the way, Rosa told of his average monthly earnings.

Was every month the matchmaker manages to get rich on 1 million rubles.

“The average income is a million. All pay taxes!” said Sabitov and immediately aroused the envy of their colleagues in “let’s get married” Larissa Guzeeva: “still, I downright gnawing your million”.