Rose Sabitova: “Contact with ex-cons not suggest”

Роза Сябитова: «Связываться с бывшими зэками не советую» Today the presenter is 55 years old. Especially for the “StarHit” Sabitova remembered the mistakes of the past and wrote an appeal to his youth. According to Rose, she had to be careful in dealing with men, and not listen to some women.

      Роза Сябитова: «Связываться с бывшими зэками не советую»

      February 10 star of the “let’s get married!” Rose Sabitova turns 55. “StarHit” invited presenter to write a letter to a young. Celebrity began to think of the mistakes that she wished to avoid.

      “Roz, dear, my main advice to you – never svetlei hair! 25 you want to go blonde, but don’t rush to the Barber shop, around, succumbing to stereotypes, will think you’re an idiot and not taken seriously… to Do a haircut “asymmetry” is also not necessary – she’s not going. And even in the 80s is fashionable to one side of his head was shaved, and from the second hanging long hair, do not go on about the crowd! Otherwise parivesh first two days, and then go to get a haircut “on a typewriter”, and the next two months, your beaver will cause puzzled looks, as if saying, “is She just out of the Slammer?”

      By the way, to contact former prisoners also do not suggest…

      When in dashing 90-e attack you “lads”, you’d want to defend your jewelry business. Don’t commit the stupidity. Anyway, be feminine and let the men sit on the neck. Keep your purse, when after dinner in the restaurant, the boyfriend apologetically theatrical sigh: “Oh, I forgot wallet… No pay?” Run away from him. And later, when you with boyfriend Sasha go to the trolley, and he mumbled that he had no change, should not be so generous: drive him out! No money? Stamp your foot!

      However, women, rose, is also not much trust. Friend Rita will promise mountains of gold to you after it resigned from the foreign Ministry, where he worked as a programmer and went to work in the dining room at the nursing home. She, of course, promised the post of Deputy Director, and in fact you will be hard housekeeper, and to give clients clean linen.

      But some still need to listen to – for example, do not miss a deaf ear to the words of the coach in figure skating, which will assure that in speed skating you will achieve great heights. But you don’t want to part with a beautiful dress and skates, and shoes for speed the run seem so terrible!.. Ugh, stupid! And yet, rose, don’t be afraid to eat sweet. You love chocolate but limit myself in it. Shouldn’t do – eat, honey, eat! In weight you not much to add, but how much joy!”