Роза Сябитова уличила Ларису Гузееву во вранье
Scandals between the leading “let’s get married” continues.

Photo: Instagram

The relationship between the leading show “let’s get married” on the First channel of friendship is difficult to call. On the days Larisa Guzeeva spoke harshly about Vasilisa Volodya. It happened on the social network page of a pregnant Lera Kudryavtseva. The presenter asked the opinions of friends what they think of Filipino nurses. Guzeeva was advised to go to Volodya, as she had experience with Filipinas. And here was revealed another scandal. It turns out that the star the astrologer at the time, offended by the fact that Lera in the speech, the Network has used profanity, wrote her an angry letter and removed from friends. On hearing this, Guzeeva accused Volodin in the star disease.

“TV random people blows the mind. An angry letter to a grown — up woman- it’s stupid,” said the actress.

The topic caused a resonance, therefore, the third co-host “let’s get married” Rose Sabitova are unable to stay away. However, she says that haven’t heard about this scandalous situation. But the matchmaker opened to journalists some of the mysteries associated with Guzeeva. She stressed that the shooting and during the interview Guzeeva embellish the reality: “Larissa has a lot of lies on camera. Remember, for example, in the broadcast she was talking: they say, comes home after the shooting and is in the kitchen – baking bread, pies for the family. I listened to it and thought: “Probably, I’m a mother-echidna, again after working in the morning I have only one desire – to go to bed.” But one night I did cook some borscht. Not enough sleep is terrible! Told this to Larissa, and she said, “rose, I’m not all these stories you tell, and the audience, of course, I don’t bake and have a plate not worth it!” One day Larisa blurted out on air that, they say, to Rosa millionwith, and they almost bread on kvass are interrupted. But I did not make excuses. However, I think I am poorer than her and Volodya. Really like Vasilisa for his advice tears up, I am silent! In addition, you can see what the house itself was rebuilt, and compare the income”, — told Sabitova Days.Ru.