Rose Sabitova became a bride!

Роза Сябитова стала невестой!
Children intervened in the personal life of popular TV presenter.

Children of Rose Syabitova: Anna and Denis


Rose Sabitova hopes to build a strong family, therefore, continues to actively seek candidates for the role of her future husband. Recently, the TV presenter has become the main character of a new edition of the program “let’s get married!”, leading which it has for many years been.

Meet Rose the suitors in the broadcast was organized, probably, her children — daughter Kseniya and son Denis. Anyway, they both attended the taping. Daughter Sabitova shared secret frame from the shoot and spoke about their experiences after the program.

“Yesterday was shot for “let’s get married” where the rose has been the main bride! We reveal all the secrets,” said Ksenia after the publication of photos from the shoot. Release date footage being aired is not yet known. Meanwhile, more recently, the Network spread rumors about the fact that many people love the TV show “let’s get married” can be closed. The reason for this was the scandal defrauded customers Sabitova.