Роза Сябитова боится оставить детей без наследства Renowned matchmaker not ready to get married. Rose Sabitova was aware that if she officially will sign with the chosen one, he cannot become a direct heir, and therefore, the proportion of children will decrease.

      Роза Сябитова боится оставить детей без наследства

      Rose Sabitova is one of the leading program “let’s get married!” for many years. The main matchmaker of the country, as they call star fans joined more than one trembling heart. However, Sabitova herself down the aisle in no hurry. Of course, this fact causes many viewers of the program a skeptical grin, saying how you can work with a matchmaker, not arranging his personal life? For the host, it appears this is not a problem.

      It is noteworthy that the rose was twice married. During the first marriage she had two beautiful children – Denis and Ksenia. And the second time leading married not entirely successful. The chosen star was one of the participants of the program “let’s get married!” Yuriy Andreev, the family with whom did not happen because of frequent quarrels and scandals. Now to the questions of the fans about the third marriage Sabitova is uniquely responsible – it is not necessary.

      “I am a successful and self-sufficient woman fifties years. And you all want me to marry to trust me as a professional? Then I have a question for you: would You like to have your mother for so many years, like me, married someone else’s uncle, making you heirs of the second turn, and who “took” would have most of its time? Moreover, if I marry, then his profession I won’t be able to devote as much time as you need! You will not be able to call me when you need, I can’t write another book because I must devote all my time favorite. Sorry, but I don’t have that luxury!” says rose.

      Interestingly, Sabitova generally likes solitude. Apparently, strenuous workdays are exhausting enough star that she doesn’t have the strength and desire to share free time with the representatives of the stronger sex. Leading loves that time of day when she is alone with them, and nobody worries. Usually, this happens in the early morning and late evening. “Women looking for men to brighten up the loneliness, but I don’t need it. I’m different, I like being alone, ” admits the host. I’m enjoying myself, and truly I rest when left alone. Love to go to the fitness club, swim in the pool, SIP a cocktail”.

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