Rose Sabitova about flights economy class: “It’s just a divorce on the money!”

Роза Сябитова о перелете эконом-классом: «Это просто развод на деньги!»
The TV presenter was in a stressful situation.

Rose Sabitova

Photo: @Instagram syabitova_roza Roses Sabitova

Rose Sabitova used to VIP service, so the recent Perelet economy class caused her violent reaction. She said that for a number of reasons, without specifying what kind, was forced to buy the cheapest plane tickets. Teleshko went from Moscow to Rostov-on-don. Shortly before departure Sabitova c struck out at employees of the carrier.

“I want to warn its users that the Sheremetyevo airport is not the best airport. I did not like him before, but today he screwed me completely,” — the beginning of the story Rosa. At first she was surprised to learn that their chosen airline is no complimentary choice seats on the plane. To take a favorite seat on Board is possible only for an additional fee (or endure the door to the restroom).

At the reception, rose didn’t pay enough attention: in her estimation, the staff was working too slowly. “I’m 20 minutes could not print my boarding pass. Girl recorder was running from computer to computer, trying to do it, and the employee reminded of sloth from the movie “Zeropolis” she continued. And then Sabitova found that her hand Luggage which she used to travel around the world, does not fit the dimensions established low-cost carrier.

“In order not to scream, I bit my tongue so that the eyes bulged. My first thought was not to fly. If it’s a signal that something is going to happen? Breathed moment, I decided that this stupid staff, airport, company, and easy divorce for money, — said rose in the Network. In the end I paid three thousand (for Luggage) and walked to the landing. In any case, I will keep you informed, as I flew! Lord, save and protect!” A fairly typical situation for those who often flies economy class to Sabitova turned into a real drama. Fans reaction “spoiled” Rose laugh. They told her to avoid such stressful situations and to fly first class.