Роуз МакГоун стала причиной смерти своего бывшего менеджера

7 Feb former Manager of the actress rose McGowan Jill Messick committed suicide. As reported by relatives, she suffered from bipolar disorder and for several years struggled with depression. After the death of Jill, a 44-year-old actress was accused of involvement in the death of the former Manager, because she involved her in a scandal with Harvey Weinstein.

Роуз МакГоун стала причиной смерти своего бывшего менеджера

As it became known, Messick supported the movement against harassment in Hollywood under the hashtag #MeToo and women who were able to tell about unpleasant experience. Once broke a fatal scandal and Harvey Weinstein, the depression suffered by the Manager, has worsened.

It all began in 1997, when Jill Messick was the Manager of the actress rose McGowan. She was the organizer of the meeting, McGowan and Weinstein, who was appointed at the festival “Sundance”. It was then that allegedly occurred the episode of the rape, which is then said McGowan, one of the first accusing Vistana publicly. Messick is also the accused, but inaction in this situation.

“Over the past few months, many women made accusations against Harvey Weinstein, including rose McGowan, who repeatedly communicated with the press, dealing a blow not only for his alleged rapist, but many others. One of them was Jill, who preferred to remain silent in the face of slanderous allegations rose against her, fearing to touch on many other dared to tell the truth. She decided not to add fuel to the fire, allowing his name and reputation to be tarnished, though she didn’t do anything wrong. She never chose the path of public figures, this selection she took away,” reads an open letter to relatives.

As they say the relatives of the deceased, after the story McGowan harassment producer, she immediately reported the incident to his superiors, who in turn promised to investigate. Next, the question is decided without the participation of the Manager.

“Despite the fact that journalists play an important role in exposing the “predators”, we see irresponsible decisions and a penchant for sensationalism, which leads to inconsistent storytelling. The media are a powerful tool and should not be taken lightly. Most people would be horrified if their name appeared in major international news stories, not to mention their photos. We cannot forget that the media is a terrible tool which cannot be used indiscriminately, even inadvertently, to create new victims”, continue relatives.

Recall that rose McGowan was institutionalized famous producer Harvey Weinstein, because she was one of the first who told about the harassment on his part. After the scandalous confessions and stories of Actresses, including rose, the head of the largest film companies of The Wainstein Company was showered with a mountain of accusations, his career went into decline and in the end, the producer got into rehab. That is The New York Times first published a shocking recognition of girls and after some time they again interviewed the former “Women are witches”, which told about the amount of 6 millions, which offered her Weinstein for silence.