Роуз МакГоуэн выступила против молчаливого протеста актрис на премии «Золотой глобус»

Many Actresses are going to wear black for providing the prize “Golden globe” in honor of the protest against sexual harassment in Hollywood. Rose McGowan, which was one of the first Actresses, broke the silence against Harvey Weinstein, has not endorsed such a move. She believes that the silence became a problem.

Роуз МакГоуэн выступила против молчаливого протеста актрис на премии «Золотой глобус»

On Saturday, 44-year-old actress spoke out against the silent protest and spoke negatively about Meryl Streep, who worked with Weinstein in the past. “Actresses such as Meryl Streep, who are willing to work with the “Pig monster” dressed in black “Golden globe” in honor of silent protest,” says McGowan in his Twitter. It is worth noting that in his account of Twitter, the actress gives all the discontent with the current situation in Hollywood.

McGowan believes that it is impossible to be silent, but rather need to talk about this issue. “Your silence is the problem,” continues McGowan in subsequent tweets. “Do you accept fake awards and do not change anything. I despise your hypocrisy. Maybe it was better for you all to wear Marchesa (brand of clothes of the ex-wife Weinstein Georgina Chapman),” added McGowan.

Meryl Streep herself has not confirmed its participation in the silent protest.

Rose have to hate Weinstein. She told me that during the silence she was offered a tidy sum. Initially she was offered $ 1 million to McGowan kept secret sexual harassment by the influential Weinstein. According to rose, she considered the offer and accepted it in return for the fulfillment of the condition. She said she would take the deal if the amount of lift 6 times.

“I have people I have to pay, I need to Fund my art. I decided that the money would be nice. And then I thought, “Ugh, that was ugly. I don’t need your money, you bastard, you made me feel terrible,” admitted McGowan.

The scandal began in early October, when The New York Times published an article with the producer charges of rape and harassment. According to the journalists, he’s been doing this for 10 years. He solicited employees of his company, as well as many famous Actresses such as Ashley Judd and rose McGowan.

But not one Weinstein fell for the beauty of the wonderful “Enchanted” and could not restrain his desire. Via Twitter, the actress told of an embarrassing incident that happened to her in December last year. She was subjected to violence by a producer from Hollywood whose name has decided to keep secret. “The lawyer told me that since I was filmed in explicit scenes in the movie, I will never win such a case against the head of the Studio. They shamed me and flattered my rapist,” says rose.