Роуз Макгоуэн продала свой дом, чтобы оплатить судебные издержки по делу Вайнштейна
The actress wept bitterly, leaving one’s home.

Роуз Макгоуэн продала свой дом, чтобы оплатить судебные издержки по делу Вайнштейна

Rose McGowan


44-year-old rose McGowan, star of TV series Charmed, could not hold back
tears, when released, your home for the new owner. As told witnesses she moved, collecting things and directing them to loading in the car, she
cried bitterly…

“I understand it must be very strange to experience this kind of emotional attachment to
home. But for many years this house was my only protection
cruel world. And now, when I leave I feel like I’m
leave my nest. Believe me, it’s really hard…” — admitted the actress.

Rose purchased this house in 2011 for 1.39 million
dollars. And though now she was able to sell it with a small profit for 2
million, the actress is quite happy, because this step was for her
forced. She had to commit this act in order to pay the costs of
lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein.

Recall McGowan
was one of the first in November last
year, filed charges against the powerful producer. Rose then said that Harvey was her
raped, and it happened in 1997-m to year, during the festival at Sundance.
Moreover, according to McGowan, she’s stated this before. But at that time she was the only one who has accused Weinstein, and until last year, Harvey was able to hush up this

However, to date, already more than 80 women accused
Weinstein of sexual harassment, while a few also rape,
as McGowan. After rose, the accusations were made by actress Ashley Judd.
it was joined by others, including Gwyneth
Paltrow, Uma Thurman, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet…
Followed by Weinstein under the gun such accusations were the other
figures of show-business — Steven Seagal, Brett Ratner, Dustin Hoffman and even Michael Douglas.