Rose McGowan has criticized celebrities who came to the awards ceremony “Golden globe” in the black

Роуз МакГоун раскритиковала знаменитостей, которые пришли на церемонию вручения наград «Золотой глобус» в черном

30 Jan 44-year-old actress rose McGowan appeared on the evening show Citizen Rose, where he spoke about the flashmob celebrities at the ceremony “Golden globe — 2018”. This time the star did not throw mud at the scandalously famous Harvey Weinstein, and criticized stars who dressed in black at the event. In her opinion, the flash mob became not a protest against sexual violence, but a simple PR move.

Роуз МакГоун раскритиковала знаменитостей, которые пришли на церемонию вручения наград «Золотой глобус» в черном

“I think it was a cowardly thing to do. It was a kind of PR move. It’s not just a dress, it’s a lie,” said rose, indignant that the allegations of sexual harassment ultimately did not lead to the punishment of perpetrators.

“If the men plead guilty, why do they go unpunished?”asks the actress.

McGowan told about the phone call that came to her from one of the victims of the producer. She reported that the violence occurred over 85 women. Rose is confident that this list will be enough for you to put Weinstein in jail. “This list should be enough to put him in jail,” the confident actress.

Recall that recently, McGowan has accused his colleague Meryl Streep for hiding misdeeds Weinstein. Three-time winner of the award “Oscar” has been criticized for its initiative to wear black to the event on awarding the “Golden globe”. Rose believes that to take such a step from the side of Meryl’s hypocrisy, because she has long worked with Weinstein and kept silent about his ill-fated actions.

Such accusations are not nearly as happy actress. Seeing a sea of headlines with allegations of McGowan, she hurried to answer them. Strip written appeal to the colleague at the Huffington Post. The actress said McGowan that he did not know about what is happening and in any case does not support violence against women. “I was silent not specifically. I didn’t know. I do not condone violence. I didn’t know. I don’t want young girls were abused. Harvey Weinstein needed us, because our communication with him bought him the confidence and ability to seduce girls,” writes the Strip.

As reported by Streep herself, after seeing the charges, she tried to contact the actress on the phone, but after repeated attempts she failed to do so. “I’m really sorry that she sees me as an opponent, because we both, along with other women, try to confront one sworn enemy,” says the actress. Meryl added that this enemy is the status quo, “which is so badly wants to return to the bad old days where women are used, abused and not given the right to vote.”

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