Роуз Макгоуэн против движения #MeToo

Despite the fact that rose McGowan was the first who began the movement against harassment, accusing Harvey Weinstein of harassment, the actress believes the resulting movement #MeToo stupid and delusional. Maybe the stars there are better methods, because marches and protests, involving thousands of girls and colleagues rose, believes she failed.

“It’s all nonsense. A complete lie. Lies that are like band-AIDS covering their sore spots. I know these people, they are cowardly. Enough for them that everything looked acceptable. They are not Champions. They’re just losers,” rose told The Sunday Times.

We will remind, rose McGowan recently popular not because of his role in the TV series “Charmed”, and thanks to the outrageous. Oh Yes, rose knows how to shock and in recent years enjoyed their talents. The star has recently celebrated its 45th anniversary and made a shocking gift to subscribers on instagram.

In his story, the actress posted a photo where posing Topless. Rose believes that bare nipples is nothing special, so it is safe to “Shine” them. I hope the photo will remain on the network and the actress did not see fit to appear Topless in public.

At the same time, naked Topless not the first “trick” rose. The actress was shown a photo of himself and model androgynous Rhine Giving with which the star is found, in the Nude. In the photo they are taking a bath together, with Rose legs closes the bare chest of the other.

For the first time the paparazzi photographed the star on the streets of new York for kisses with a stranger. But much time had passed before the media found out the identity of the suitor, rose. The actress is Dating the model-androgyne Rhine Giving.

Who would doubt…28-year-old model combines both a woman and a man. Rhine was born a woman, but too “masculine” appearance has blurred the lines between man and woman. Rhine believes that the separation of gender does not exist, calling it a “social concept, in which no one is obliged to fit”. Career Rhine start with advertising underwear Calvin Klein, by the way, she decided to try modeling for fun. Now Giving is removed and in both male and female characters, often making collages, which puts in social networks.