Роуз Макгоун призналась, что сделала аборт

45-year-old rose McGowan is not so famous role in cult TV series “Woman witch” is a scandalous reputation. The star of the first accused Weinstein of sexual harassment, Dating a transgender, and now confessed to the abortion.

To openly talk about their feelings and to blame others celebrities in carelessness rose loves on the Twitter platform. This time it was touched by the message that one in four women over the age of 45 years had an abortion, and 60 percent of them become mothers. The star decided to admit that, too, had an abortion and don’t be ashamed! She supported the other girls who worried about the loss of a child, who was not able to bring to light.

“Yes, I had an abortion, and I think this is correct. I am not ashamed, and you don’t have to be. 60 percent of those who decides to have an abortion are already mothers, that says a lot. I’m on the pill, but something went wrong. I understand that you can’t bring a child into your world and simultaneously change the world.

I don’t regret my decision, and it was not accepted easily. If you don’t want to have an abortion, don’t do it. My body, my choice, my life. It is only your choice. Let’s talk about this, see the publication with the hashtag #HonestAbortion”

Recall that despite the fact that rose McGowan was the first who began the movement against harassment, accusing Harvey Weinstein of harassment, the actress believes the resulting movement #MeToo stupid and delusional. Maybe the stars there are better methods, because marches and protests, involving thousands of girls and colleagues rose, believes she failed.

“It’s all nonsense. A complete lie. Lies that are like band-AIDS covering their sore spots. I know these people, they are cowardly. Enough for them that everything looked acceptable. They are not Champions. They’re just losers,” rose told The Sunday Times.

The star is also not against to shock and post scandalous photos online. In his story, the actress posted a photo on which poses Topless. Rose believes that bare nipples is nothing special, so it is safe to “Shine” them. I hope the photo will remain on the network and the actress did not see fit to appear Topless in public.

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