Роналду отдал призовые за Евро-2016 больным детям

The total donation amounted to more than 275 euros.

Ronaldo really was the hero of this championship. Cost the team to beat as he took off his shirt and burst into tears in the middle of the field! While many condemned the player for the overly provocative behavior. In the end, the decisive goal, scored not he, but the Portuguese Eder.

But after the championship handsome did a really noble gesture. And it listed the prize for winning the Euro 2016 to Fund the fight against childhood cancer. The amount of donations was impressive, no less 275 thousand euros!

However, this is not the first case when Ronaldo shares his fabulous fees. A total of 31-year-old has listed more than 10 million euros to charity, so took the first place on this indicator among athletes on the planet.

Recall, July 10 Portugal defeated France in the final of the European championship on football and for the first time in history won the trophy.

Cristiano Ronaldo got injured lateral ligament of the knee, which was forced to leave the field in the 25th minute. According to the doctors, the rehabilitation of the 31-year-old footballer will last about a month.

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