Ronadlo shared a new snapshot with children and pregnant with his girlfriend

Ронадлу поделился новым снимком — с детьми и беременной от него подругой
The player did not regret that he was disqualified.

Cristiano Ronadlo and Georgina Rodriguez with children

Photo: @cristiano/Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo,
who was recently suspended from participation in the game for gross violations of five
machtei, not too much about grieving. Though
given a recent two “yellow cards”, he is forced
miss an important game, the player is happy that he can spend all that time with
his family. Recently he has published new photos with the eldest son seven years
Cristiano, Jr., recently born twins ava and Matteo and their
pregnant girlfriend Georgina.

and the girl comfortably settled on the couch, with Ronaldo holding a one
of the twins, Georgina — another, and the eldest son of soccer player looks out from behind
couch. Moreover, the entire company looks absolutely happy. “Family
mood!” — so Cristiano is a senior signed his picture.

We recall that he became the father of twins born to a surrogate mother, whose name
player kept, he was confirmed in June of this year. By the way, this
occasion, he even decided to voluntarily miss two Cup final
Confederation, explaining that he needed to be with children. And just a month
after Ronaldo confirmed that his girlfriend is waiting from him to have another baby and
said that he was “very happy”.

as it turned out, Cristiano is not
going to stop there. About a month ago, he announced that
wants to have three more children — Ronaldo is going to bring them
the total score up to seven! Why exactly he needs it seven? Primarily because
he love to be a father, and seven, how am a little superstitious
football — it is absolutely a lucky number.