Ромео Бекхэм встречается с Милли Бобби Браун

Despite his young age, the star of the show “Very strange case” Millie Bobby brown already actively engaged in personal life. In March began to circulate rumors that the son of Victoria and David Beckham, 16-year-old Romeo, is Dating an actress. The rumors were confirmed.

Ромео Бекхэм встречается с Милли Бобби Браун

An insider told The Sun that the couple met in 2016, but the romantic feelings have begun to experience each other only a couple of weeks ago. “They met at a concert in honor of the 70th anniversary of UNICEF in 2016 and immediately hit it off. Recently they started Dating. Now Millie and Romeo experience the most romantic period of the relationship, they are incredibly cute together,” says a source close to the star family of Beckham.

It turns out that Victoria Beckham, mother of Romeo, endorses the attitude of boys, because is fan of the creative Millie and her role in the popular series! Dad doesn’t mind. David is already familiar with Millie. They met at a charity concert — then Millie, which close friends with the children of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt, gave the player the award from the stage.

Millie herself for a long time already does not hide warm feelings for Romeo! in one interview, the actress told how would like to her character Eleven started Dating the son of Victoria and David.

This is not the first novel of the young star. At the age of 13 Milli started his first serious romance. The actress met with the American singer Jacob Sartorius, who is older than her for a couple of years.

The young stars themselves began to ignite public interest in their relationship. The first fact was the message of the 15-year-old singer tweeted: “Another day thinking about you.” Proof that Millie was devoted to the love message was the heart that was put by the message. Of course, official confirmation of this relationship can not be, because in addition to the stars there were more than thousands of likes from fans of the singer.

After a few days on instagram of the actress appeared photo, which was another piece of evidence in favor of a romantic relationship. In the photo, Millie is lying on her bed and hugging a big Teddy bear. “Thanks for the bear,” left a comment Millie. The fans immediately erupted with speculation that this gift gave his lover exactly Sartorius, because he was the one “who liked their” and even left in the comments heart. By the way, and thus confirmed their relationship, the actress Chloe Moretz and photographer Brooklyn Beckham.

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