Rome Pendzhiev and Liberg Kadono fight for a spot leading “House-2”

Rome Pendzhiev and Liberg Kadono fight for a spot leading "House-2" In social networks, ex-star telestroke shared news about the proposed positions, and thanked subscribers for support. In the comments already began arguing about who of former participants will look into this role better. Girls do not hide their feelings and I hope that soon you’ll be back in the air.

      Recently, for a wedding on one million roubles on the “Island of love” fought the strongest pair of “House-2”. Calvary and competitions for lovers in the Seychelles led by a former member of the project Nikita Kuznetsov. However, after the end of the season the young man left his post as co-host and returned to the air as a participant.

      Now in its place, the project management is looking for a worthy replacement. According to rumors, among the candidates are Rome Bangieva, Liberi Kadono, Rustam Solntsev and Alexander Kharitonov. Fans of home electroni believe that the main struggle will unfold between Rima and Liberi.

      “I am informed that the project “Dom-2″ looking for a new anchor, and one of the contestants – I… Thank you so much for the support many of my fans… It’s both women and men who actively insist that I’m back on the project. Thanks to the project for these good news and for consider me. Although the trip as a participant, I had already dreamed of such a position. In General, I hope my dreams will come true in the near future”, – wrote in his Instagram Rome.

      The fans were delighted with this news and was immediately given the girl a generous greetings and compliments. “Rome, so many years have passed since you left, and people remember you for and appreciate your sincerity and kindness! You deserve to be back and become a star on the project! Only for you!”, “It’s time to put out there rustling that’s exactly right!” – leave comments under the post Pengawas.

      But Liberi Kadono supported not only followers, but also former colleagues on the show. For example, Andrei Cherkasov voted for her, believing that she will look well in the island scenery.

      “As many of you already know, was declared a casting in place of a leading “Island of love”. Yesterday saw “gamovskii” guys and Andrei Cherkasov, I was very pleased to hear from him that he voted for me as the lead in the Seychelles, and I would very organic it looked. I have long lived project and has experienced many difficult moments in my life that taught me a lot. The only problem is that I’m afraid the situation will begin to re-experience with the participants, and there must be with a cool head”.