Романовская: «Чтобы постоять за себя, мне не нужна скалка»

Trip “Revizorro” in Smolensk turned into a nightmare for the operator and the leading.

Re-visit the crew of “revizorro” in Smolensk again has not done without scandal. We will remind, in April of last year, the team of “Revizorro” had to urgently cancel the trip because of threats to its security, and the plot of the Smolensk starred in several stages. This time after visit the programs into one of the institutions of the city, the operator of “revizorro” ended up in the hospital.

On Saturday, August 27, the team of “Revizorro” headed leading Olga Romanov came to check in Smolensk cafe “Chubby raccoon”. The staff of the institution, trying to prevent the legitimate activities of journalists, turned off the light in the kitchen and sprayed the room pepper spray.

“It all happened lightning fast, the cans were sprayed twice, the second time splashed specially in the direction of Olga. At some point she was left alone in the kitchen, huddled in a corner, a heavy cough from the pepper, the tears flowed in two streams. She couldn’t get out of the kitchen without help, in the end it brought out our administrator,” says the producer of the project Elena Shipunova.

The next day in a press there were the incredible details of the incident.

“From the press I learned that the alleged beating the cafe staff and even hit someone on the chaff with a rolling pin. I want to remind you that seven years are engaged in Boxing and in order to stand up for themselves, the rolling pin I do not need”, – says Olga Romanov.

One of the camera crew had to be hospitalized immediately: the investigating authorities found that the spray liquid was sprayed at a distance of only five centimeters from his face and eyes.

Olga Romanovskaya and injured the operator has already written the application in police. At the moment the investigative authorities of the Smolensk region has begun check on the fact of the conflict the crew of “revizorro” and the staff of the cafe “Chubby raccoon”.

The lawyers of the channel will seek a criminal case 144 the article “obstruction of the lawful professional activities of journalists”.

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