Romanov openly talked about the filming of “Revizorro”

Романовская откровенно рассказала о съемках «Ревизорро»

The new host of “Revizorro” admitted that mentally prepared for any conflict situations.

Piggy Bank is leading the project “Revizorro” day by day updated with new audits and checks. Romanov admitted that filming always mentally prepared for any conflict.

“I know that not all of the owners and workers of institutions to adequately respond to the appearance of the crew “Revizorro”. I mentally prepared for conflict and even physical clashes. So far everything has been relatively smooth, no resistance. But if anything, I’m not easily frightened and ready to attack,” commented Romanov.

Leading “Revizorro” admitted that in the first shooting days she had mixed emotions: confusion, excitement and great excitement.

“I don’t understand how to behave in a given situation, but behind has always been a producer, Lena, who has guided me in the right direction. Now I’m much easier to adapt in any school! — says Olga. — In past seasons I have seen what dirty, even ugly kitchens, hotels were checked, there’s a compliance and a hundred kilometers does not smell, so I have something to compare. How sad to realize, I think, the shocks associated with the verification, we have yet to come…”

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