Romanov commented on the care of “Revizorro”

Романовская прокомментировала уход из «Ревизорро»

The presenter explained that she had to leave the post of presenter of the popular program because of family circumstances.

Yesterday it became known that the show “Revizorro” again big changes are coming. The TV channel “Friday!” decided to change the lead. Olga Romanovskaya leaving the project for family reasons and will be replaced by Elena Letuchaya, who personally announced his return to the private party on October 13.

It is not a TV channel nor Flying have not really talked about the reasons why there were such drastic changes. Some fans, as usual, began to think out for yourself… for Example, there were those who suspected Romanov in pregnancy, but the TV presenter was quick to speak, not to produce more rumors.

“No, not pregnant. But I left for personal reasons. There is a need to spend more time at home. We are grateful to all the team who worked with us, the employees of the TV channel and especially to all the spectators of the program”, – said the Manager of the artist.

When about six months ago Flying was removed a white coat leading, it seemed to go on forever. But no. Restless Lena long sat in the producer’s chair for the project. And again went to the “field”. More precisely, in catering. But to come back, so with fanfare. Be afraid, the capital’s restaurateurs: Volatile is a test of Moscow! Specifically for it was created the project “Revizorro. Moscow”.

“This project is a long-awaited test of the capital’s schools, about which we are always asked in the regions and not only – said Lena. — The main audience of the channel “Friday!” viewers from 25 to 35 years old, they stick in the teeth by life, but it is important that they slipped overdue anything, harmful or improperly prepared.

I had a case in a Moscow restaurant Ragout. I like their food, the European price tag, interesting dishes, original dishes. But somehow I came starving, ordered the soup. But in menu was written that it’s sharp. Tried the spoon. But, worrying about your stomach. Then I was approached by a waiter, asked: “Why don’t you eat soup, you don’t like?” I explained the reason and thanked, not even reproached for anything. Then I was approached by the administrator already with the same question. I explained again. Then he ran to the chef. I said, “Guys, are you? Conspired? Well, I did not, well this.“ But they not only found me all but promised to correct the mistake of putting on the menu that it is spicy, and as a compliment offered any dessert at their expense. Nice. I love it when clients are so fond of. Want to worked all over the Moscow restaurants and cafes”.

The Project “Revizorro. Moscow”, in which viewers will see again the uncompromising blonde, kicks off on 7 November. As for Olga Romanov, she will continue to ride checks throughout Russia.

Recall that Flying has gone from glorified her show earlier this year. By the way, leaving Lena Flying of “Revizorro” turned into a scandal.

Her fans staged a protest to bring it back to the project. But, of course, they did not. The leading decision was final, but as it turns out, is not irrevocable!