Романец выбросила в окно документы и иконы Гусева The brunette decided to get rid of the past. Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev told about the big quarrel, which led to the cancellation of the wedding. Despite the fact that fans were hoping for their reconciliation now between young people tensions.
Романец выбросила в окно документы и иконы Гусева

Over the weekend Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev announced that break up and call off the wedding. The man did not hesitate to open the correspondence of his beloved. However, the detected message led him into rage and he decided that the girl does not feel for him the sincere feelings.

Victoria, in turn, were offended by such behavior of the groom and tell that my marriage with the chosen one was ready to invest a large sum in the triumph. According to her, Anton did not want to part with their money. Vic Romanets: “I can think Anton Alfonso, bought him underwear”

Fans had hoped that the Gusev Romanets just flared up and reconciled. However, this has not happened yet. The brunette was so upset with the beloved that have gone to desperate measures – and she threw away all the personal belongings of Anton in the window. Young people placed in microblogs footage confirming the act of the girl. However, Victoria was taken from the window of the house, and the man had to remove all outdoors. However, after some time the pair has decided to remove the publication.

Романец выбросила в окно документы и иконы Гусева

Now fans are discussing whether Gusev Romanets to make peace and still have the wedding, which was scheduled for the seventh of July. Victoria ordered a dress – it cost her 700 thousand rubles. She was planning to outfit this week. For the sake of happiness with her beloved she did not spare money even for his personal needs.

“I invested 500 thousand in the wedding party, then had to pay 200 for a restaurant, but Anton did not find them. I can call Anton Alfons. He never paid for the house, and I bought him everything, including jerseys and shorts,” – said Victoria.

In correspondence with another ex-participant reality show talked about the plight of Anton. She even thought to part with an expensive gift to cover the costs.

“I’ll give him a ring and let him go to the pawn shop. Anyway he told me its not from the heart gave, I can feel it,” wrote Victoria friend.
Романец выбросила в окно документы и иконы Гусева

Also romanet remembered that Anton began to take care of it when he experienced financial difficulties. Only now she realizes that the man was interested in her money, a nice car and house. However, at the beginning of the relationship it is not confused, and she was ready to go to Gusev under the crown. Anton Gusev about the cancellation of the wedding with Victoria romanet: “her mind is still “House-2”