Roman Zhukov has told how he and his wife survive the death of her daughter

Роман Жуков рассказал, как они с женой переживают гибель дочери A few years ago I left the life of their five-year-old heiress. The musician still has not accepted the loss. Now Roman Zhukov with his wife raising six children.

      Роман Жуков рассказал, как они с женой переживают гибель дочери

      Four years ago, the family popular in the 80-ies of the singer Roman Zhukov was a tragedy. At a time when he and his wife Elena were in the capital of Australia, where he was expecting the birth of their sixth child, their older children remained in Moscow. Just a couple of days before the birth of the baby’s parents received the tragic news killed their five year old daughter Elizabeth-Victoria. Since that sad moment has passed four years, however, the pain in the soul of the spouses from the loss of a child has not subsided.

      “We still have not experienced this loss. We experience it every day. Our grief is always with us. In different families, of course, is different, but this tragedy United. She changed us forever,” he told reporters novel.

      Recall that the tragedy occurred on the Playground. While older sister Pauline rode on the swings, Elizabeth-Victoria poked his head between the pad and the moving part. From the received blow the girl has fainted. Four hours doctors struggled for life of five girls, however, to save her failed. From the traumatic brain injury she died. Parents are very worried that he could not come after what happened – only after Helen was discharged from the hospital in Sydney, the novel went to Moscow. And as soon as the newborn baby allowed flight, Elena with the child also hastened to return home. After the loss of a daughter the couple began to treat children.

      Roman Zhukov has made the punishment for the death of his daughter

      “We began to appreciate every minute spent together, to enjoy every day. I began to look differently at their children. Perhaps that is love and children give us the strength, despite everything, to move on,” said Zhukov.

      For many fans, the stars of the scene 80 years, the family of the artist – an example to follow. 11 years ago he married his beloved. It is noteworthy that for both spouses this marriage became the first and only. Now Sam and Helen have six children and rejoice in their successes.

      “They’ve was a fashion model walking down the runway, advertise baby clothing brands. Will they become singers, I can’t say. Neither to force nor to dissuade anyone I will not. Although help than I can. But while they learn,” he shared the novel with an interview with the magazine “Only star”.

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