Роман Юнусов впервые рассказал о своей семье
Ex-resident Comedy Club in an exclusive interview 7days.ru shared plans for the future.

Роман Юнусов впервые рассказал о своей семье

actor and former resident of Comedy Club Roman Yunusov, half of the Duo “sisters
Zaytsev”, took part in the new season of the wildest Comedy show “Money
or shame” TV channel ТНТ4. After the shooting, he told how has changed the humor on TV
during his career, and he’s no friend and family man off stage.

Roma, tell me you enjoyed

— Honestly, a little worried and not
knew how to react. But it all melted away as soon as sat in the chair of uncle Viti,
because if you do not know of a laugh without malice, the fact that you then
to do?

— I learned something new about yourself?

Only if about a case where supposedly I 7
kilograms of sausages eaten at the tasting! But it was all invented with humor,
so fun.

— Was such a joke when you’re tense and
wanted to drag uncle Vito?

Well, there was a moment when he asked, holding
if I’m in the hands of the member. Not to drag, but damn that is generally…

— Watched program?

You’ve seen one program Galygin, when
he licked the nipple of a pig. I immediately all became clear (laughs).

— Why, then, decided to come to

Роман Юнусов впервые рассказал о своей семье

— Wanted to win the million, I now need the money. And at the same time pushing the film “Zoмбоящик”.

— Then tell me about “Zoмбоящик,” what is this movie?

— A unique film in a unique genre! Or rather, so he doesn’t have a genre, it is all in one heap. And the Comedy, and Thriller, and erotica, and horror and Thriller – all in one, and with the stars of channel TNT. A lot of hard but funny sketches consecutively for an hour.

— Tell me about the funniest sketch from your participation?

— Shooting was a very long time, and roles were many… remained In the memory of Santa Claus that shits in the pipes all in a row. Another Gopnik-gay and corrupt judge with the Prosecutor, which we with Ivan Okhlobystin played together. For a long time it was all done, mounted, dorisovyvali, and voiced finally on 25 January we will see what happens. Very interesting!

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