Роман Тейлор Свифт и Тома Хиддлстона: пиар-ход или страстная любовь? After a few weeks of Dating, country singer introduced the star of the film “the Avengers” family. According to close friends of Taylor swift, she wouldn’t have to waste my mom’s time on just anybody.

      Роман Тейлор Свифт и Тома Хиддлстона: пиар-ход или страстная любовь?

      For attending a concert girlfriend Selena Gomez, which 21 Jun sang at the Bridgestone arena in Nashville, the 26-year-old Taylor chose a red suit. In the bright outfit she attracted looks even in the dimness of the concert hall. This was a little awkward her companions – her friend Abigail with her boyfriend Matt and especially Tom Hiddleston, who at 35 years of age have outgrown this kind of music and such parties.

      “He could not go, Taylor invited him – say people from an environment of the singer. Otherwise she would have thought That considers itself above Dating with her Nashville friends. But it is not, it is important now all that matters to her.”
      Роман Тейлор Свифт и Тома Хиддлстона: пиар-ход или страстная любовь?

      The concert Taylor and Tom listened in an embrace, and then slowly went into the night holding hands. Skeptics, thinking that the rumors about their affair started the PR Manager, you only have to bite his tongue. No PR would not require a British actor blue bloods, a graduate of Eton and Oxford, two and a half hours to fly from new York to attend a concert of Selena Gomez. Things gentlemen do only for love.

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      Taylor and Tom found each other in early may at the Met Gala in new York. Video couples dancing sedately among the dinner tables, was immediately spread on the Network.

      “We were put there,” said the actor. – Sounded rhythmic music, Taylor leaned over to me and said, “too bad there’s no dancing”. And Tom allowed himself to be invited. This story only confirmed walking on the Hollywood opinion that the fragile blonde Taylor takes care as the man takes the initiative, not shy to show interest, the first call date for a date. And Tom’s just a female view of relationships. He believes that love cannot be found, it can only wait.

      Роман Тейлор Свифт и Тома Хиддлстона: пиар-ход или страстная любовь?

      After leaving the Met Gala, she and Taylor moved to another institution, where he stayed till cock-crow. Tom, who experienced a lull in the love Department, went home with the feeling that waited for the Princess on a white horse. Taylor is also thrilled, but her path to happiness was the obstacle in the face of overexposed boyfriend – DJ Calvin Harris. “She complained that Calvin never gives her what she needs,” said the friends of the singer. The affair came to naught. And then there was Tom, and Taylor shone like a schoolgirl who got acquainted with the idol”.

      Received June 2 notice of resignation, Calvin Harris angrily told Taylor about things. Said she got him to talk about the wedding and the children clung to him like a limpet. And he endured out of politeness, not to offend the fool, which he is not too liked.

      Taylor didn’t answer, she was not up to it. After learning that she was freed, Tom Hiddleston unleashed on her the full power of the aristocratic British charm along with a waterfall of flowers and gifts. 16 Jun tabloid has published photos of Tom and Taylor kissing at the beach near her home in the village of Watch hill in Rhode island. In the article there was a place for Harris – according to the source, a retired boyfriend is beside himself with resentment and suspicion that Taylor cheated on him with Tom before parting. And starts the day with a viewing of its pages in social networks, to learn how “clingy fool” spends time with one of the most eligible bachelors on both sides of the ocean.

      Роман Тейлор Свифт и Тома Хиддлстона: пиар-ход или страстная любовь?

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      The desire to outdo Harris almost cost Taylor’s relationship with Tom. On the day when the pictures were taken, the actor said photographer on the beach and guessed that shooting setup a public relations service, Taylor. He asked the singer, not if she’s using him as a consolation prize or a weapon of revenge. Again, their story ended in that moment, Taylor had persuaded Tom not to be angry and allow it to transfer photos to the press. In the evening the incident was finally forgotten in the Olimpia restaurant, Tea Room, where Taylor has indulged Tom’s signature dessert of chef’s profiteroles in the form of swans with whipped cream and milky irises.

      “They drank wine, laughed a lot, told by the restaurant staff. – Taylor showed him something in the phone. Their fingers almost all the time were intertwined. They spent two and a half hours”.

      Since the restaurant is located in Watch hill near the house of the singer, That obviously went to sleep there, not in the hotel. Two days later, the lovebirds flew to new York by Taylor’s private jet. Taylor invited Tom to share my townhouse with a swimming pool that she takes off while her apartment is under renovation. In one of the first days of living together, the singer even sent him to the sports hall limousine with chauffeur, but Tom asked her not to do it – it starts to feel like a kept man.

      “Taylor’s trying too hard to please him – say friends of the couple. – Tom is really the man of her dreams – beautiful, smart and adult, with him Tay feels secure. He was brought up differently than American men, treats her like a lady, and she worships him.” The purpose of the trip to Nashville, where the singer is also a private house, was not only a double date with her far from the world of show business friends: Taylor pre-phoned relatives living in Tennessee, causing them to Nashville to the bride. 23 Jun lovers spent with her loved ones the whole day, which included a walk around the city, shopping and restaurant.

      “Tey wouldn’t waste my mom’s time on just anybody – believe family friends. – She is sure that finally met his one and only”.

      Here is the problem – all the main hits of the singer are devoted to disappointment in many former Boyfriends, each of whom she once considered the sole. Maybe this time amorous lady is not wrong, but maybe Tom Hiddleston will add to her repertoire another sad song.

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