Roman Madyanov tears of anger for relatives

Роман Мадянов срывает злость на родственниках Artist soothes wife. Roman Madyanov admits that he sometimes has to talk to at home. However, he is grateful to his wife, Natalia, who can find the right words to calm him.
Роман Мадянов срывает злость на родственниках

The star of the series “Soldiers” Roman Madyanov recognizes that much for the character was taken from my own army experience and tried to do the collective image that everyone can find in it something familiar. Despite the fact that this hero made the actor popular for many years he tired of it. He’s glad the story ended, because I was afraid to become the hostage of one role.

Madyanov glad that his life was a wife Natalia, whom he married at the age of 30. Until that time, he didn’t think about family life, but when I met the woman of your dreams, without hesitation he tied the knot. After the birth of her son she left work. Despite the fact that the artist loves family, sometimes he allows himself to snap at them.

“Still, negative energy builds up, and where else to vent it other than at home? While Natalia is able to put out, knows how to pull the valves once the pressure is gone and would come peace and tranquility. It never aggravates the situation, feels the moment of tension and can deftly shift attention. Something like that and live,” – said Madyanov.
Роман Мадянов срывает злость на родственниках

For many, the family of the Novel is exemplary. The son of the spouses is now 25 years old. He was fond of music, received special education, but to do it professionally is not. The novel seems to be that the young man would want to associate their lives with movie. However, not as an actor but as a statement. Madyanov admitted in an interview with “Telenedelya” that it would be hard to judge the talent of his successor, as any parent.

Роман Мадянов срывает злость на родственниках“What I saw from shot them, in my opinion, interesting — a good, competent opinion, absolutely your youth. Of course, I can’t be completely objective about his son, but something I really like. And besides, it helps me and other young people to understand. I began to perceive their ideas, I’m curious. You see on the set of young, inexperienced person and think, “What can you offer me? And can — what are you filled?” – says the artist.