Roman Kostomarov's fingers on his left hand were amputated The athlete's wife is next to him.

Roman Kostomarov's fingers were amputated on his left hand

At the beginning of this year, Roman Kostomarov was hospitalized with pneumonia. All this time, the athlete is fighting for his life, and the doctors are doing everything possible to save him. Unfortunately, the news is bad. Due to the developed sepsis, both feet and the right hand have already been amputated for the skater. Kostomarov's left hand has also long caused concern to doctors, as it began to turn black. Now it became known that the doctors had to amputate the fingers of the left hand. However, this may not be the end of the matter. There is a possibility that the athlete will have to remove the entire hand.

Roman Kostomarov's fingers were amputated on his left hand

Nevertheless The novel periodically comes to life. Earlier it was reported that he was rude to his wife and doctors. But according to the psychologist, in his situation this is a normal reaction to what is happening.

“He is either conscious or falls into a deep sleep, because he receives, to put it more clearly, a lot of painkillers and sedative medications. But when he wakes up, he eats on his own, that is, not through a tube in the trachea. More precisely, his wife feeds him who is constantly nearby, or a nurse. But he behaves when he is conscious, sometimes aggressively. His mental, moral state, no matter how the athlete is reassured, is on the verge. A person understands everything, understands what is happening to him … Yes, he is very and very hard in every way,” the source said.

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